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Weight Loss – Tasty Recipes for the Whole Day

By Jiri Kaloc

Sometimes all you need is a bit of inspiration to kick-start your new diet. In this article you will learn four weight-loss recipes, starting with breakfast and going all the way to dinner. They are nutritious, healthy and, most importantly, tasty! There’s no need to think you can’t enjoy food just because you’re on a diet.

If you’ve been following this whole series, you know a lot about weight loss and how to choose the right foods. With a bit of help and instruction, you can put that info into practice. These four recipes will give you an example of what a day of eating for weight loss can look like. If some of these ingredients aren’t really for you, then don’t hesitate to go back to our previous articles and revise. You will see that there are many tasty foods to choose from that go well with weight loss.


Oatmeal with berries


Garlic chicken breast with pesto and sweet potatoes


Home-made protein shake


Sautéed shrimp with buckwheat

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