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A Wind-Inspired Artistic Adventure: The Aeolian Ride Is Taking Over the World

By Monica Buck

The riders laugh while feeling like children at play again, and the dazzled bystanders smile back, creating a “loop of joy”, the original idea behind the Aeolian Ride. The international art event makes it possible for the public to become an inflated sculpture on wheels and transform the landscape of any city on Earth, at least for a while.

So far, the unique event has inflated 20 different cities around the globe since the first ride through Lower Manhattan, New York, in 2004. The 75 costumes are designed to contrast with the chaos of traffic. Made from recycled parachutes, the White Bubble, the Bunny, and the Drop are certain to do the job. Just watch the video below showing the art exhibition moving through Rio de Janeiro. Jessica Findley, the original creator, truly did a great job.