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Coolest News from the World of Cycling

By Martin Mrazek

Another Monday is here and our news from the world of cycling with it! So, what did you miss?

Which one is which?

Chaves is 5′ 4″tall and weighs 54 kg. Conor Dunne, on the other hand, is 6′ 9″tall and weighs 88 kg.

Kittel vs. Grivko

Astana rider Andriy Grivko elbowed Marcel Kittel during the Dubai Tour and was disqualified from the race altogether because of it. Kittel was left bloody after the confrontation and called for a six-month ban for the Kazakh rider.

He also took to Twitter to say he wouldn’t accept an apology: “He sent Bernie Eisel to me that he wanted to apologise, but for what should he apologise – it’s too late. There is a very thin line that you can cross. I mean if you have an argument in the race you have an argument, you talk about it OK and maybe even you touch the other guy a little bit, no problem. I have no problem with that. But as soon as he injures someone he takes the risk to injure me and maybe he injures my eye, it’s over – there’s no feeling sorry, there’s no apology it’s just done.”

Grivko, however, saw the whole incident differently. In his lengthy Facebook post, he admitted to acting in an “unsportsmanlike” manner but insisted Kittel had shown lack of respect for other riders in the peloton and endangered those around him due to his own selfishness. Plus he claims the German repeatedly spat in his direction after the incident.

Armstrong finishes second

Lance Armstrong finished second at the Texas Chainring Massacre after being beaten in a two-up sprint finish. Amateur rider Matt Stephens edged out the disgraced pro and crossed the finish line of the 100km gravel race after 2 hours 51 minutes and 24 seconds. Not many amateurs can claim to beat the Big Tex, so hats off to you, Matt Stephens.

Armstrong is still serving a lifetime ban for doping, but the race wasn’t organised under UCI, which enabled him to compete in it.

Nosy seat

Poor Alex. Probably still the funniest tweet of last week, though.