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  • video-ready-say-goodbyes-2016

    VIDEO: We Are Ready to Say Our Goodbyes to 2016

    Another year swooshed by as swiftly as Froome riding down a slope. If you feel like that you’ve merely turned your head and said “well, let’s do this” and the New Year is here again, we have a remedy for you.

  • adventure-camp-2016-glorious-icelandic-highlands

    Adventure Camp 2016: Glorious Icelandic Highlands

    After about a month from our summer Adventure Camp, we are still reeling from the excitement and enthusiasm that exuded from everyone involved with the event. Taking place in Iceland, 2016 saw three winners of our contest from Poland, France, and Iceland come together with a…

  • bike-minutes-cycling-shop-etiquette

    Bike Minutes: Cycling Shop Etiquette

    Today, we’re going to show you the first episode of our Bike Minutes series. The videos, created in cooperation with the former pro-rider Michal Moureček and his bike company Festka, will teach the newbies (and remind the seasoned riders) of the proper cycling etiquette in…