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VIDEO: Trends from Eurobike

With more than 1,300 makers presenting their products on Eurobike, its hard to choose just a few. So we decided to pick a selection of bikes we liked the most and make a video report. Weve also picked 10 trends that we think are changing cycling the most at the moment.

10 hottest trends influencing the cycling industry right now


E-Mountain Bikes are the most notable trend, this is a booming segment in Europe. The focus has largely been on utility bikes yet it seems to me that the leisure sector is where the big growth is. The fatter the tires, the better.


E-bikes are driving the continued growth of the bicycle market in Europe. Now, with the emerging class of speed pedelecs, they’re hitting new levels of sophistication and speed up to 45 km/h making them an appealing alternative to cars or scooters.

Gravel Bikes

There’s a lot of talk about gravel bikes. The greatest thing about them is they’re built in so many different shapes and models. They start in the 29er bikepacking hinterlands and stretch all the way to the fast road disc bikes. So there’s something for everyone. Also the related cyclo-cross bike continues to evolve, or actually turn into a touring bike with fatter tyres, or a 29er mountain bike with drop bars.

Carbon parts for the masses

Once enjoyed by the privileged few sponsored racers, carbon rims and another parts are becoming increasingly common on mountain and road bikes.

Bright colors

It looks like we’ll get some brightness on our bikes for the next couple of years. Some people, like Mondraker, are mostly using the neon as a highlight colour in greater or lesser quantities…

Custom made bikes

There are companies producing thousands of bikes in Taiwan. Basically they’re very good, one of the best in the world actually. But there are more and more small garage workshops that go against the stream. Instead of mass producing, they focus on building unique frames and designs that reflect riders needs. An example of this are the excellent bikes from Festka.

Fine products

Many cyclists are OK with mass produced saddles but many want something more. English Brooks is now followed by other companies like Gilles Berthoud. They work with high quality materials and because of the natural finish, every saddle is a true original. Unlike the mass produced pieces the leather is bolted onto the frame instead of riveting, making it easy to repair if necessary.

Incorporated locks

Tired of riding with a heavy lock or steel chain in your backpack? Engineers of today come with help. There are some differing solutions. One relies on the lock incorporated in your seat post. For commuting it seems like a useful idea! We will actually pay a lot of attention to locks and theft prevention later this year.

Cargo bikes

Too heavy to carry on your bike? You need a cargo bike. Too tired to transport a heavy load on a cargo bike? Buy an e-cargo bike! They’re hurrying through the city with a speed up to 45 km/h and you don’t even break a sweat.

Funny helmets

Nutcase or Melon are among companies producing a big number of different models of helmets, which differ from other types by fantastic design.

Because there were so many new things happening around e-bikes on Eurobike, we’re preparing a dedicated feature on them for next week. We will also pay close attention to cycling accessories for kids, so stay tuned.