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VIDEO: Dream big and you can fly – Nicole Frýbortová

When you try to interpret a dream containing a bicycle, you usually end up with one word – balance. A bicycle dream may represent you balancing different aspects of life and if it is so – Nicole Frýbortová must be close to a complete harmony. Her ability to control a bike is both ultimate and mesmerizing. It’s a ballet. Enjoy our new video and don’t forget to Dream big!

You have to dedicate all your focus and tremendous amount of energy to achieve something like Nicole did. We’ll soon publish a video profile of this 2015 Artistic cycling vice-champion, but in the meantime we’d like to speak to you about courage, power of will and achievements.

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We in We Love Cycling share our DNA with the founders of Škoda AUTO, the men whose underlying desire to push things forward created, against all the odds, one of the most successful car brands in the world. And what did they start with? Just a bicycle and a big dream.

We know that cycling is not just about riding, it’s about emotions, power of will and facing challenges. We see a lot of that in Nicole, a young girl from a small country, that made her way to the very top of Indoor cycling with virtually no financial support. You’ll find out more about her journey in the upcoming weeks, right now you can read all the other inspiring stories we’ve already published this month.

Mastering a legendary trick, super smart cycling route planner app, travelling around the world, complete change of lifestyle or a dangerous expedition. Those are the dreams that came true, stories that will ignite the fire inside you and inspire you to achieve your own goals.

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