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  • the-skoda-mavic-neutral-cars-are-there-to-save-the-day

    The Škoda Mavic Neutral Cars Are There to Save the Day

    When a cycling fan watches the Tour de France, they might not understand why there are the Mavic’s yellow Škoda SUPERBs in the peloton. After all, the teams have their own support vehicles. So, how much action can a neutral service car get? Well, to…

  • skoda-cars-suit-every-need-imaginable-during-the-tour-de-france

    Škoda Cars Suit Every Need Imaginable During the Tour de France

    Škoda, formerly Laurin and Klement, took its baby steps in a small bicycle workshop in 1895 in then Austria-Hungary, today’s Czech Republic, so it’s only natural that two-wheelers feature heavily in the brand’s present-day activities. In 2004, Škoda became the Tour de France’s official vehicle…

  • why-are-skoda-cars-the-backbone-of-the-tour-de-france

    Why Are Škoda Cars the Backbone of the Tour de France

    Without the support, team and other accompanying cars, the whole Tour experience would be much more perilous, chaotic and disorganized for both the riders and the spectators. Knowing there’s someone looking out for you comes in handy when you face over 3,000 km of tricky…

  • the-cars-of-tour-de-france

    The Cars of Tour de France

    An event of such size and intensity such as the mother of all bicycle races, the Tour de France, needs steady partners to rely on. Starting with organizers, managers, teams, through to individual cyclists – all these need agile support hubs and troubleshooting solutions. And…

  • red-superb-tour-de-frances-eye-candy-essential

    Red SUPERB: Tour de France’s Eye-Candy Essential

    There’s only one car permitted to cross the Tour de France finish line alongside all the cyclists. This special honour belongs to none other than the famed Red Car – Le Tour’s mobile command centre. Since 2015, the latest and most spacious Škoda SUPERB model…