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The recycled DIY category has only the best intentions at heart but let’s face it – the awkwardness or clunkiness of the resulting product can deter quite a few eco-conscious design fans. That’s why we, once again, took a plunge into the depths of Pinterest and Etsy to bring you bicycle parts brought back to life in a form you might actually like. Behold, the bicycle furniture!

The Recycler, bicycle art and funky furniture

The first glance at the website will let us know that The Recycler, which is the moniker for Gilbert VandenHeuvel from Canada, is a pretty prolific guy. Gilbert used to own and run a pig farm but then the passion for cycling and bicycles took over and he put his growing metal-working skills to use and started creating furniture, home décor, and art out of spare bike components. From big to small, his portfolio has a piece for everyone.

Bike Furniture Design, unique high-quality furnishings

Established in 1990, Bike Furniture Design amassed a wide range of designs and products under their name. Their headquarters is located “in the mountain biking, and nordic skiing mecca Marquette, Michigan,” and they specialize in modern furniture made from upcycled bicycle and motorcycle parts, with the focus on frames, handlebars, and wheels. You can clearly see they had nearly three decades to hone and polish their skills as the pieces are very well aesthetically and functionally thought out.

Two Makers and one chair to say it all

You might think that a whole website dedicated to a single piece of furniture is a tad too much but wait until you see the Randonneur Chair. Handcrafted from Reynolds 631 tubing and quality hardwood and leather, it was described by the Columbus and Cinelli president Antonio Colombo as, “the best bike chair I’ve seen in 40 years.” And that’s pretty much all you need to know.

ScrapYardSolutions, art from recycled parts

Besides tables and sitting stools, ScrapYardSolutions from Ohio, USA, offer plenty of home décor pieces for the detail-obsessed cyclist. Do you fancy a hanging lamp, a sprocket wall clock or even a plant holder? Look no further.

Shepherd’s World with a surprising hobby – bike furniture

Despite the site being entirely in German, the contents are pretty self-explanatory. And also pretty good looking. The mastermind behind the designs calls himself Maik and describes himself as “a true bicycle fetishist” who designs furniture and accessories for bike lovers and for those who may be looking for something unusual for their home, pub or shop. If interested, send him an e-mail and we’re sure you’ll work it out in no time.