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5 Design Brands Making Stunning Bicycle-Tailored Furniture

By Frantiska Blazkova

We’ve all been there. Either prompted by the lack of a garage or the fear of having the bike out of sight, we’ve tried to solve the riddle of storing the bicycle in our living quarters. Sure, repurposing a piece of Ikea furniture works too, but sometimes DIY has to make way for a designer piece. We’ve found five brands that figured out how to make your bike a natural accessory to the flat our house, while saving space or adding some extra storage.

1. Velo Furniture

Melbourne and Sydney based brand, Velo Furniture, produced a simple and elegant “bicycle wardrobe” that can fit flawlessly into any environment, thanks to its clean-cut and minimalist design. It’s made by hand, from a sketch to the clever result. It stores both your bike and all the possible gear and accessories you might need neatly tucked in one place, so you don’t have to scramble around the place to hunt for that one missing glove.


2. Chol#1

Chilean designers Chol#1 created a set of furniture pieces that double as elegant bike storage. The minimal designs, which include bookshelves and sideboards, are especially practical for small apartments. Not only will it keep your bike safely stored, it will make it look fabulous too. Each piece is made of wood and is offered in a variety of colours. We recommend Chol#1 for that desired smart urbanist look.


“The bicycle is no longer just a means of transportation, but a lifestyle and fashion accessory.” That’s the Berlin brand’s MIKILI creed and their way to go about things and they are certainly true to their words. Their products might make a true lover of minimalist aesthetics faint and rightfully so. Series of wooden bike racks and shelves are designed to make a statement of your bike but can do that perfectly just by thems(h)elves.

4. Peri Products

Don’t be fooled by the looks, Peri bicycle stand is not a strange variation on a harp or any other instrument. It’s a piece of design furniture made to take the ambiance of your home several levels up. Although it’s possible to buy this otherworldly gadget mainly through their e-shop, if you happen to be near Lenexa, Kansas, or Denver, Colorado, there are two bicycle shops that will allow you to take a look and subsequently purchase this amazing bike stand.

5. Killwood

And now a little something for the ecologically conscious. Forests of British Columbia, Canada, were devastated by a pine beetle endemic some time ago, rendering tons of prime wood useless for the conventional lumber industry. The little beetle made the wood turn a blueish hue, which is considered worthless feat for wood manufacturing. Companies such as Killwood transformed this literal “kill wood” into useful gadgets made of material that would otherwise go to waste. One prime example is their BIKA bicycle shelf, made to bring convenience and a dash of design to your home every day.