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How to Make Your Dinner Healthier Step by Step

By Jiri Kaloc

Would you like to improve the way you eat? If you tried several diets already with no success and feel like you lack willpower, I have good news for you. There’s another way that might work much better for you. It is based on making small sustainable changes. Let’s check it out.

If you’re reading an article with the words “step by step” in the title, chances are you’re a moderator when it comes to dealing with changes. Moderators, as opposed to abstainers, have no problem with small steps and having even “forbidden” foods in moderation without the risk of binging. As a moderator, you’re more likely to succeed if you avoid strict meal plans and build your own menu through small steps.

Transform you meals

Start with how you already eat and make one change at a time. Choose one meal and improve it; but only as much as you’re willing to stick with long term. Your moderation approach will get you long-lasting results. Check out how you can transform a dinner.

Dinner level 1

You come home super hungry and exhausted from work. There’s nothing in the fridge.
You order a pizza and finish yourself with ice cream.
You have several beers and shots to take the edge off after a stressful day.

Dinner level 2

You buy a piece of roasted chicken on your way home.
You boil some pasta at home and have your dinner in front of a TV.
You finish your evening with 2 glasses of wine to take your mind off work.

Dinner level 3

You still bring home a piece of ready to eat roasted chicken but this time with some pre-washed greens and tomatoes too.
You rotate prepping potatoes, rice, and pasta as a side to your little salad and chicken.
You now eat at the dinner table and only have a single glass of wine.

Dinner level 4

You shop ahead and always have some tasty home-made leftovers or fresh meat and veggies in the fridge ready to be cooked.
You are trying to choose seasonal ingredients and have a rich salad with almost every dinner.
You don’t feel the need for alcohol every day but sometimes you enjoy a glass of good wine.
Keep in mind that even if you’re starting at level one, it’s not “bad”, it’s just something that’s no longer working for you and you want to improve. It doesn’t really matter how high you climb, as long as you make one successful long-term improvement, you won. Next time, we will take a look at snacks!

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