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How to Make Your Breakfast Healthier Step by Step

By Jiri Kaloc

Would you like to improve how you eat but you don’t have the willpower to follow a specific meal plan? Are you sick of restrictive dieting? No worries, there’s a better way. You can achieve the same results with a different approach to nutrition. It might take longer but for many people it’s easier to do and the results stick.

There are two types of people when it comes to making dietary changes. The first needs to jump in with both feet and do the most extreme version of a diet available. They either succeed or die trying. The second prefers making slow but steady progress. They are happy making small painless changes and don’t mind waiting for the results. If you belong to the second group then this series of articles is for you. So, how does it work?

Make small sustainable changes

All you need to do is focus on one meal and improve it as much as you feel comfortable with. Let’s start with breakfast. Check out the example progression below but keep in mind, not everybody needs to go all the way to the highest level. But it’s certainly better to move at least one level up than none at all.

Breakfast level 1

You don’t make time for breakfast even though you’re hungry in the morning.
You start your day with a cup of generously sweetened coffee at work.
Sometimes you buy a croissant or a Snickers bar to survive till lunch.
You compensate your lack of breakfast by binging on pizza and ice-cream in the evening.

Breakfast level 2

You leave the house a bit earlier to buy a piece of pastry and yoghurt on the way to work.
You eat your breakfast at work while dealing with the first tasks of the day.
You only put one sugar in your morning coffee.
You have no problems lasting till lunch and the evening hungers are not as bad.

Breakfast level 3

You fill your fridge with cheese, ham, yogurts, and fruits and you pantry with wholegrain bread and bagels.
You spend a few minutes getting your breakfast ready to take it to work.
Some days you try a black coffee and it’s not that bad. Your evening hungers are rare now.

Breakfast level 4

You make time for breakfast and you eat at home without rushing.
You make scrambled eggs with veggies or eat a frittata you prepped during your weekend cooking. Protein and veggies for breakfast are the norm now.
You don’t need coffee every day, green tea or even water is fine too.
Your energy is stable throughout the day, you don’t experience uncomfortable hungers.
These 4 levels are just an example, you could probably come up with 10 more in between these, and that’s ok too. Progress at your own pace but make changes you’re comfortable keeping long term. The lunch is next!

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