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A man in Sweden got apparently bored with your everyday e-bike speed, so he went for one with an engine 15 times more powerful than permitted by the Swedish law. Luckily, the local police spotted him in the city centre of Linköping and went after him before anything went seriously wrong. The police car reportedly clocked 98 kmh before catching up to the 40-year-old.

“It was life-threatening,” Björn Goding from the local police told Linköping News. “The bicycle probably didn’t have a frame built for such speed, and the brakes didn’t work either.”

According to Swedish regulations, electric bicycles should run on maximum of 250 Watts and have a top speed of 25 kmh. The bike in question, however, had two power modes with outputs of 1 Kilowatt and 4 Kilowatts. That would make it a moped in the eyes of the law, but the owner did not have it registered and insured.

The man claimed to have bought the bike on a popular Swedish website Blocket, where there is indeed a number of bikes with similar power output. It is not yet known if the police intend to take action against the owner of the website.

The speeding cyclist is expected to be charged with offences including “serious illegal driving” and “careless driving”.