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MOAR’s MOST WANTED: The Record Breaking Crowdfunded E-Bike

By Christopher Ashley

Fat bikes are just at home on a sandy beach as they are on tarmac – they’re great all-round vehicles. What’s less fun is that fatties take up so much room and you’ll be lucky if the tyres alone weigh less than a kilogram.

Long live the revolution!

Bike designers MOAR took to crowdfund site INDIEGOGO with a proposal to bring the first affordable full suspension e-bike to market, with the expressed intention of revolutionizing our relationship with our electrically assisted friends.

Folding functions!

We all love our road and trail bikes but many of us increasingly rely on folding bikes to fit in with our lifestyles. MOAR know that a bike that folds offers more storage and security options than one that doesn’t. My folding bike often sits by my desk at work or under a table in a coffee shop.

Full fat & full suspension

If you like your bikes like you like your cream, then MOAR are offering their customers a double helping of fat. Not only will the 24” tyres soak up the bumps but full suspension will make the MOAR glide over even the gnarliest off-road segments.

Power up!

Anyone who’s ridden a full suspension fat bike with 24” tyres knows how much effort you need to put in to keep the bike moving – especially uphill. MOAR have an elegant solution – fit the bike with a 1000w motor with 48v battery.

This is more than enough to shift the inevitable weight of the frame and keep the wheels spinning. MOAR claim an 85-mile range but most manufacturers would be proud of just half that distance – more than respectable for a fattie!

Take my money!

MOAR asked potential backers for a significant $30,000 – just $250 paid for a deposit towards your bike. They must have held their breath when they listed the bike, uncertain as to whether the proposition would grab enough interest, let alone enough excitement to reach the goal.

They need not have worried as 2818 backers have so far raised well over 1.25 million dollars of investment – over 4000 % of their original target. It looks like we’ll be seeing a lot more from MOAR.