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Tour de Pharmacy: Watch the Trailer for HBO’s Mockumentary About Doping in Cycling

By Monica Buck

Andy Samberg and Murray Miller have teamed up with HBO again to produce a sports-oriented satire. After last year’s 7 Days in Hell, focusing on tennis, they’re having a go at cycling. The Tour de Pharmacy is going to be released in the US on July 8 and is focusing on the 1982 Tour de France.


Bernard Hinault won that one in real life, but the movie probably won’t let the facts get in the way of fun, as Lance Armstrong (playing a whistleblower) was only 10 at that time. There are numerous big names in the cast, including Orlando Bloom, Dolph Lundgren, John Cena, Mike Tyson, and Julia Ormond. And as the trailer clearly shows, the creators will portray doping mercilessly. It still should be a lot of fun, though.

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