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Buying E-Bikes for X-Mas Made Easy

By Christopher Ashley

Having trouble getting the right gift for that special someone at Christmas?  Here are some easy fits to get you inspired.

The Silver Cyclist

People are living longer, healthier lives, so everyone wants to retain their freedom for as long as possible.  If you want to cycle into your 90s, you may welcome a bit of help from a motor – so why not try the Pulse ZL2?


This hybrid has a step-through frame, and a robust pannier rack capable of holding plenty of weight.  The motor gives you a reassuring 250W of assistance, helping you glide noiselessly uphill.  It’s pretty smart in blue.

The Commuter

If you love to cycle, come rain or shine, but you need to pack some serious weight, why not try the dashing Raleigh Array E?  With the battery hidden under the panniers, unless you’re paying attention to the front hub, you wouldn’t know this bike is electric.


The front wheel assistance alone will take you up to 15 mph, after which you have plenty of high gears to take yourself faster should you wish.  The full front and rear mudguards keep the underside of your bike clean, and your trousers dry.  Helpful if you’re heading to the office.

The Adrenaline Junkie

If that special someone in your life has a nose for trouble, why not treat them to the Cyclotricity Stealth 500W Dual Power?  It may not be pretty to look at, but this bike is more beast than beauty.


Make sure you check the laws in your country before splashing out on this British-made animal – the 500W of power will easily take you over the road-legal 15mph limit set in most countries.  If you’re taking the Stealth out on private land, don your helmet and armour, switch it to sport mode, and cane it around the trails to your heart’s content.

The Lone Trader or Family Man

For the small businessman, a cargo bike could be the perfect addition to their fleet.  The Urban Arrow Electric Cargo is an elegantly practical platform for hauling your wares – or your children.


The motor provides enough power to allow you to carry 150 kg, and you can swap between a flight case and a buggy box for the kids, depending on your duties for the day.  Or you could leave your cares behind, pump up the tyres, and cycle into the countryside for a relaxing break.