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Hit the Streets with the Speed of 65 km/h on This E-Monster!

By Adam Marsal

Meet Rimac Greyp G12, the world’s fastest e-bike. Developed by Croatian Rimac Automobili company, it can make 65 km/h without even pedaling. Do you blame it for not being a bicycle anymore? Maybe you’re right, but who cares?

With a robust frame design and total weight over 50 kilograms it resembles a motorbike rather than a bicycle. “Greyp G12H is designed from the ground up to combine the best of both. It is a bicycle when you want it, or a motorcycle when you need it,” the company founder Mate Rimac says. According to him, you can easily reach the top speed of 65 km/h and a ride up to 240 km without pedaling.


It has a suspension on the front and rear wheel and it’s powered by an engine with the total output of 12 kW, and its range up to 240 kilometres is suitable even for longer trips. The bike also uses regenerative braking system that saves the battery consumption, or better put – it gives the power back, as the motor can recharge the battery with up to 2 kW of power while braking.

“We have two versions – legal and off-road, which is more fun,” the engineer says. The bike has a special mode to comply with the regulations for road vehicles, which limits the speed and power. Still, the top speed is just a tap on the touchscreen away when you need it. Most of the time you won’t even need the mechanical brakes – regenerative braking will do all the work. Even if you forget to watch out and the battery runs out, it can be recharged to full mode within 80 minutes from a standard 220V outlet.

The idea of Greyp was born when Zvonimir Sučić, a well-known designer of high-performance electric bicycles and motorcycles, joined Rimac Automobili as a mechanical engineer in 2010. Zvonimir developed and built electric bikes since 2001. His first produced bike was delivered to 27 countries. Mate Rimac liked Zvonimir’s creations, but he didn’t like the technology so he decided to design a bike according to his standards. With help from the designer Adriano, they’ve built the 12th bike in Zvonimir’s career – the G12.

The first thing you notice is an extra large touchscreen display mounted on the handlebars. As soon as you buy this e-bike, you can stop worrying about keys. Using fingertip technology, you have various predefined functions for each of your fingers – each of them has different mode. This way you can activate the bike with your thumb, you set the economic mode for a long-range ride with your index finger, and your middle finger works as… well, in this special case, as the speed mode activator. Actual speed, as well as another important data, is also displayed on the big digital screen in front of you.

Obviously, the price is not low. For 8380 euros you could buy a really nice car but the football star and prototype owner Lionel Messi hasn’t complained so far.