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Utah Cutter E-bike Massacre: Look What’s Inside of an Electric Bike

By Lucie Olmrová

After what seems like a romantic family cruise around the countryside hills, the head of the family runs his grinder to show a rather unusual tire exchange.

Dan and his son Lincoln from the YouTube channel What’s Inside? take a look at the intestines of various objects. Their channel is filled with searches after hidden mechanisms and other secrets which you won’t find unless you, well, cut things in half. One could say about their job they might need just a pair of screwdrivers but why lose time if you have a grinder or a chainsaw, right?

After an introductory safety first adjustment – aka removing the battery from the frame, Dan’s deadly instrument runs through the back wheel tire and spokes. The he turns to the engine which, cut open, shows its inside spins, wires, and other eye candy for tech geeks.

For those who worry about their emotional state after watching this: even though this may sound like horror movie scenes, the video is filled with an oddly calm and friendly atmosphere. Later on, when Dan and Lincoln sit together surrounded by dissected bike components, the younger one is being asked an obligatory question What did he enjoy the most about e-bikes? And you may expect that smashing its parts would be the first answer of a modern day 2 nd grader, but no. In all his pureness, his last words are “just riding around with a family; that was super fun.”