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Seven of the Best Cycling Dates: Would You Dare to Try These?

By Angie Ng

Have you ever been on a cycling date? It’s hard to think of something unusual and fun, isn’t it? But don’t worry. We’ve got you covered!

1. Bicycle Rickshaw Ride

You can hire a rickshaw and a driver to tow you two around for a tour of the town, or rent a rickshaw to pedal around yourselves so that it’s just the two of you.  Feel free to add your own romantic touches…


2. Bicycle Ferry

Go on a little adventure and include some down time on a bicycle ferry.  I’m thinking more like this…

Go on a little adventure!

…and not like this…


3. Tandem Bicycle Ride

What better way to build trust between two people than to get on a tandem bike together?  Remember not to rent one for three people, though – it isn’t a good sign when s/he brings a friend along…


4. Post-Biking Water Fight

What a fun-tastic way to help your inner child connect with theirs after some biking.


5. Water Biking

No, I don’t mean rending a pedal boat, although that would be a cool idea, too.  Check out this cool water-bike-for-two.  Now all you have to do is fly to Cebu in the Philippines, where this photo was taken, or find another great spot with such water-bikes.


6. Getting Matching Cycling Kits

Everything looks cooler and feels more fun when wearing matching cycling kits.  Buying matching outfits can be the highlight of a date, but make sure it isn’t too early for such a sign of commitment…


7. Masturdating

Or try a little bit different kind of date… Whatever floats your boat!