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10 Reasons Bike Is Better Than a Boyfriend

By Angie Ng

Okay, so everyone has complaints about their partner. After all, nobody is perfect, right? Bicycles, on the other hand, may seem like the “perfect partners” in comparison. Here are ten reasons why:

1. You get to call the shots – no more arguing about which restaurants to go to.

2. You are your bicycle’s number one – a bicycle needs care and attention, but in return, you get to be its first priority.

3. It’s not always about your bicycle – a bicycle won’t talk about itself all the time. Actually, it wouldn’t mind if you wanted to talk about yourself and perhaps even share your feelings.

4. Bicycles do not get busy or “busy” – they appreciate your time and are always there for you when you need them.

5. Your bicycle is always up for positive changes. If you want to adjust the brakes, it won’t give you 10 reasons why its brakes should not be adjusted or complain about how you’re always trying to change it.


6. Bicycles can be just as spontaneous as you. They are always eager to go out last minute with you, even if there is a sports game on TV.


7. Your bicycle won’t get jealous just because you compliment someone else’s bicycle.

8. Your bicycle doesn’t snore and steal precious sleep time from you. It doesn’t steal your blanket or space on the bed either.


9. Bicycles give you as much space and time as you need for other areas of your life. They don’t mind getting a little fresh air in the bicycle parking area while you meet up with friends.

10. You don’t have to guess or ask about what your bicycle is feeling. You know what it’s feeling – it’s a bicycle.