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Getting muddy: Our ambassadors in action

By Vratislav Šlapák

We have some wonderful ambassadors who help us spread our passion for cycling. This month we sent them out to find some mud. We asked them to have fun with it and send us back the footage. A simple task, or was it?

We wanted to use the mud footage as a way of introducing some our of Ambassadors and celebrate spring. However after assigned them the task they all reported back beautiful sunshine or a snow for the next 3 weeks. Our production team was in despair: “we can’t find any mud”!

They almost got to the point of hiring a shaman to perform an ancient Indian rain dance. Finally we got lucky. A little bit. Let’s meet the We Love Cycling Ambassadors who appear in the video. Next month we will introduce you to our next three ambassadors. You can say hello to them and ask them questions about cycling on our facebook.

Soraya Drici

Soraya is very well known in the Andorra bike scene where she has lived for 25 years. Soraya tests parts for Commencal and will find her appearing in their films. Recently she spent some time as a teacher of downhill for Cedric Gracia at the resort Vallnord. At the moment she runs an online magazine about cycling in Andorra called Andorrabike.


Juan José Simón

Juan has raced the most important stage races in Spain since 1994. Including Transalp Challenge in Europe. Juan has earned many podium places and victories at all kinds of races in Spain. Now, he’s a specialist in marathon races and stage races.

WLC JJSIMÓN 030315 (53)

In the last 2 years with Mondraker xc pro team, he won Powerade Ion4 Madrid-Lisboa (2nd 2013), and they were vice champions of the Titan Desert (Morocco), and Champions in the Andalusian MTB Tour. In the most hard and longest race in Spain, Giant of Stone, Juan got a podium place with Tinker Juarez.

Christoph Riemeyer

Chris is a graphic designer with a huge passion for cycling. He also works as a designer for FOX and a hotel for mountain bikers.


This month we are celebrating Spring by talking about mud. Is your bike ready for the season? If you are sure than maybe it’s time for some fun!

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