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Trip tip: Glorious Spring biking in Finale Ligure

By Adam Marsal

Got bored waiting for spring? The biking season is already here, if here means Finale Ligure in Italy. We sent Adam to file a spring report and capture the crisp blue skies and fresh spring air of the Italian Riviera.

The land of perfect trails

It’s a cozy city on the Gulf of Genoa in the Province of Savona in Liguria. It is considered part of the Italian Riviera. While the first tourists are usually spotted here in the end of the May, there’s another community visiting all year long.

We’re talking about mountain bikers searching for the perfect trails maintained by local group of bikers the Finale Freeride crew.

No tired legs on the way up

Those guys will shuttle you and your bike on-top of the mountain. This will save you a lot of energy because the hills of Caprazoppa mountains raise from sea level, to an altitude of over 1000 meters. As you get to the top, the immense vertical drop promises really long runs, regardless which of the trails you choose. They are reckoned mostly as downhill but they’re not so dangerous or difficult.

Finale Ligure cycling trip

Almost all of them are cleaned of large stones and it’s good fun to ride them. Even in January you can experience days with midday temperature around 20 degrees. Now that spring is here all the blossoms and aroma of the mediterranean pines float delicately under the warming sun. All you need now is a full suspension bike, a full face helmet and some protection. Don’t expect big jumps or drops, it’s really riding for everybody.

Finale Ligure cycling trip

Go easy on that Prosciutto before the ride

If you’re looking for freeride entertainment get to the agency office in Via Gorra street. You will find there Michele Riotti who became our driver and guide for the day. Around 1 PM he arranged a great plate of Prosciutto, a basket full of fresh Foccacia bread and two different kinds of delicious pasta for our lunch.

Cycling trip in Finale Ligure

Just imagine how difficult it was to ride again after this great tasting. Prices for shuttle vary according to the number of bikers for one car, locality and season, but you usually will pay similar price you spend in the bike park with the cable cars. The guys are quite busy in the biking season so if you want to book a riding day, do it in advance.

Finale Ligure cycling trip