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  • love-cycling-heres-why-you-should-try-yoga

    Love Cycling? Here’s Why You Should Try Yoga

    If you clock a lot of mileage in the saddle, you probably spend a decent chunk of time thinking about how to increase your endurance, speed, and power. Mobility, breathing, and strength, on the other hand? Well, they might not be quite so top of…

  • cycling-and-yoga-why-they-belong-together

    Cycling and Yoga: Why They Belong Together

    If cycling is your primary sport or hobby, you probably spend a lot of time thinking about how to build power, speed, and endurance. When you think about yoga, on the other hand, you might consider it an equivalent to stretching or something you do…

  • 5-most-useful-cross-training-sports-for-cycling

    5 Most Useful Cross-Training Sports for Cycling

    There are so many reasons to cross-train. It’s a great injury prevention tool. It’s great for conditioning your core, upper body, and increasing balance, endurance, and power. It gives your body time to properly recover. And it will keep things interesting. Let’s look at 5…

  • yogabiking-can-bend-little

    YogaBiking: For Those Who Can Bend a Little More

    Using your bike the normal boring way? It’s not how some people like it. If you combine cycling and running in a muddy terrain, you’ve got cyclo-cross. But what happens when you put together cycling and yoga? Michelle Thomas, 46, and Debby Siegel, 48, from…