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YogaBiking: For Those Who Can Bend a Little More

By Adam Marsal

Using your bike the normal boring way? It’s not how some people like it. If you combine cycling and running in a muddy terrain, you’ve got cyclo-cross. But what happens when you put together cycling and yoga? Michelle Thomas, 46, and Debby Siegel, 48, from St. Louis, Missouri decided to find out. The result was an unexpected success with interviews published worldwide and 67,5k followers on Instagram. 

Michelle and Debby met in 2012 for the first time and became friends almost instantly after finding they have a lot in common. They both were single mums, newcomers to yoga and devoted cyclists as Michelle participated in cyclo-cross and Debby in triathlons.

Soon they became passionate for their new hobby and started to plan their holidays together with yoga program included.

They also found many similarities between yoga and cycling as in both you can improve when you focus on your breath, they both strengthen your legs and both offer a community of active people. That’s why they incorporated elaborate moves into their workouts – including balancing on bicycles, working out with riding gear and practising yoga positions while riding.

Finally, they launched a blog YoGoGirls and then started an Instagram account to inspire and connect with other yogis. The name YoGoGirls came for addition to yoga and because they are always on the go. “Yoga is compatible to many sports really, and can help improve your game regardless of the sport of choice,” they say.

Even if you haven’t taken a liking to asanas and chakras, there’s still a lot to see. For some, there are masterful techniques of controlling both the body and the mind. For others, there are hundreds of photos of beautiful women with long legs wearing a golden bikini, see-through dresses and colourful Lycra leggings. The way you look at them is just up to you. And yes indeed, sometimes there are also bicycles involved.