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VIDEO: Crazy Bird Launches 13 Attacks on a Cyclist

Riding can get pretty crazy in the Land Down Under as the video below clearly shows. Anthony Newman was cycling through Chillingham in New South Wales when a magpie suddenly attacked him. The ‘Chillingham Savage’, as the Aussie nicknamed the bird, swooped down on him 13 times.

“Now I have come across a few psycho and aggressive Magpies over my time out riding my bike but I tell ya what mates, no Magpie comes close to being as hectic and relentless in attack as the now notorious ’Chillingham Savage’. The onslaught of head shots and ear nips was never ending. My helmet now has a few extra ventilation holes,” said Anthony of the incident.

He took it as a laughing matter though and encouraged his viewers on YouTube to sit back and have a laugh as the “battle” unfolds. So we encourage you to do just that.