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  • is-urban-downhill-the-new-thrill-youve-been-looking-for

    Is Urban Downhill the New Thrill You’ve Been Looking For?

    While mountains around the world can undoubtedly provide enough excitement to last you a lifetime, they are not always as close as they seem. On this note, you can’t just grab your bike and go for a quick ride. That’s where Urban Downhill comes into…

  • tomas-slavik-about-the-red-bull-valparaiso-cerro-abajo

    Tomas Slavik About The Red Bull Valparaíso Cerro Abajo

    Three-time Fourcross World Champion and legendary Valparaíso downhill double winner Tomas Slavik came back to Chile to give it another try. Eager to win one more time, he spent the whole winter preparing for the longest and most fabulous of urban downhills.