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  • the-bicycle-graveyards-of-china-in-a-photogallery

    The Bicycle Graveyards of China in a PHOTOGALLERY

    Low-cost shared bicycles have flooded the streets of China in the last decade. Investors lined up to fund now-defunct companies such as Ofo and Mobike. The mountains of damaged bicycles which were left behind this enterprise stand in contrast to the ecological image usually associated…

  • is-bike-sharing-financially-sustainable

    Is Bike Sharing Financially Sustainable?

    In July 2007 the city of Paris launched an ambitious bike-sharing operation that gave Parisians and tourists access to thousands of two-wheelers across the city at a reasonable cost – and for free if you used it for 30 minutes or less.

  • recycled-bikes-are-a-thing-and-a-cool-one-indeed

    Recycled Bikes Are a Thing, and a Cool One Indeed

    Recycling is the buzz word of today. As long as you don’t want to participate in killing whales by filling their stomachs with used tires and plastic bottles, you should pull your weight and start reusing that second-hand stuff nobody wants, including old bicycles.