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  • the-omne-eternal-helmet-by-poc-powers-itself-how

    The Omne Eternal Helmet by POC Powers Itself. How?

    To enhance a cyclist’s safety on the road, the Omne Eternal helmet features an automatic self-powered light, which never needs charging via a cable or to be activated by a switch. Safety and light from clean, endless energy. That is ensured by Powerfoyle, an innovative…

  • the-ultimate-question-with-or-without-a-helmet

    The Ultimate Question: With or Without a Helmet?

    As 2019 is around the corner, helmet manufacturers have come with lots of new products. Helmets get safer with new layers made of cosmic materials, which are better at absorbing shocks. Integrated systems absorb kinetic energy, slowing down the movement of the brain inside the…

  • real-life-lego-hair-bike-helmet-shut-take-money

    Real-Life LEGO Hair Bike Helmet? Shut Up and Take Our Money!

    If you’re the kind of cyclist that is worried about his/her safety, you understand the importance of being seen on the road. And we don’t think there is anything else that would make you stand out more than this Lego Hair Bicycle Helmet. Plus the…