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The Omne Eternal Helmet by POC Powers Itself. How?

By Monica Buck

To enhance a cyclist’s safety on the road, the Omne Eternal helmet features an automatic self-powered light, which never needs charging via a cable or to be activated by a switch. Safety and light from clean, endless energy. That is ensured by Powerfoyle, an innovative light-harvesting material, which can convert any light source, indoor or outdoor, into electrical power.

Commenting on the release of the Omne Eternal, Jonas Sjögren, POC CEO, said in a press release: “We can all see the very positive shift towards cycling for transport, health and recreation but with that change come the well-documented safety worries and risks that cyclists feel when sharing the road. Simply placing the helmet on the head will automatically activate the technology, enhancing safety without ever needing to think about it. And it supports all our efforts towards a more sustainable environment.”

Omne helmet
“The unique characteristics of Powerfoyle, is that it allows for seamless integration without compromising design and aesthetics.” © POC

The respected cycling gear manufacturer collaborated on the helmet with Exeger, a Swedish company with a unique solar cell technology, that converts any form of light into electrical power.

Exeger CEO, Giovanni Fili, added: “POC are known for their open-minded and innovative approach to safety and are rightly recognized as the leader in the field. Exeger has, over the past decade, developed the new generation of fully customizable, durable and sustainable solar cells, creating what others deemed impossible – an innovation with the potential to deliver clean endless energy and to re-define the energy from light.”

Omne helmet
“To enhance a rider’s safety on the road, the Omne Eternal features an automatic and self-powered light, which never needs charging with a cable or activation from an on or off switch.” © POC

The user’s experience is designed to be seamless. The Omne Eternal looks much the same as any other helmet on the market. However, the technology behind such innovations is highly complex. POC and Exeger, the innovator and the manufacturer of Powerfoyle, have been working closely since 2019 to build and test a variety of systems that have resulted in this new product.

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