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10 Cool Cycling Podcasts for Your Listening Pleasure

By Frantiska Blazkova

If you haven’t lived offline the past five years, you’ve certainly noticed podcasts popping up all over like weeds, covering every topic imaginable. The realm of cycling hasn’t stayed under a rock in this regard, so now we have crowds of pros, hobbyists and cycling-adjacent enthusiasts flocking to this medium to bestow their observations and knowledge upon you. It might sometimes be hard to filter through the flood of content and find what you might like, so we’ve put together a selection of ten quality, informative and intriguing cycling podcasts to make it easier for you.

Live Slow, Ride Fast

This is a podcast of Dutch ex-professional cyclist Laurens ten Dam who we also welcomed in our #Ride2Unite podcast last year. Laurens started racing in 2000, launched his pro career in 2005 and took a step up to the WorldTour level in 2009. Some of his best results include top ten places in the overall classifications of the Tour de France and the Vuelta a España, but he’s been known for being a strong and loyal domestique. He retired from professional cycling after badly injuring his hip at the Tour of Austria in 2019, aged 38. Surprisingly, his podcast is as far from the world of hectic pro road cycling as can be. It focuses on slowing down, taking in the little things, fewer distractions, less stress and general reconnection with your inner balance and calm to truly enjoy cycling to the max.

Laurens Ten Dam
Laurens doesn’t race, he makes his own podcast. © Profimedia

The Roadman Cycling Podcast

The Roadman Podcast is a show which aims to answer one key question. “How do we use cycling as a tool to improve our health, happiness and longevity?” In search of an answer, no stone will be left unturned. The podcast is hosted by Anthony Walsh and brought to you by Roadman Cycling, one of the largest cycling and triathlon coaching companies in the world. In the podcast, Antony chats with pro riders, industry experts and combines “cutting-edge science with ancestral wisdom”. Well worth a listen if only for the unadulterated enthusiasm of the host.

Cycling with Lipstick & Lycra

Prepare to be flooded with positive energy and optimism while listening to this podcast. Whether you love a coffee ride with your girlfriends, or love pinning on a number and racing, this is the show for you. Meet Jacqui Mengler-Mohr, cycling world-record holder, mum, wife and lover of bright lipstick as she shines a light on the fun stuff, interesting stuff and sometimes annoying stuff about cycling to help you achieve a deeper cycling connection.


We Got To Hang Out!

We Got To Hang Out is a grassroots podcast hosted by Christopher “Cree” Stricklen with a relaxed format and a big message. The goal of the show is to shed light on those who positively impact the community of cycling. WGTHO provides a platform to hear individual cycling stories in a way you likely wouldn’t hear them in mainstream media. As the authors say, a casual environment breeds authentic storytelling, so let’s hang out!

Lanterne Rouge Cycling Podcast

A friendly little podcast co-hosted by Lanterne Rouge and Benji Naesen. From in-depth race analysis to guest interviews and important events in the world of professional cycling, the field of mostly road cycling gets discussed across the board. As the description says, “the essential companion for long rides, times on the turbo trainer and dreary work commutes filled to the brink with everything cycling.”

Wheel Suckers

Lively and candid Captain Alex and Jenni the Stoker invite you to join this collaborative podcast as they navigate the wild and wonderful world of wheels. Originating in London’s Look Mum No Hands cycling café and London Bike Kitchen DIY Bike Workshop, it’s here to “pull back the curtain on the industry and showcase a glorious smorgasbord of hidden cycling delights.” Because, as the hosts conclude, cycling isn’t just for “roadies or MAMILs or Freds or plum smugglers or Lycra louts.”

Quick Brown Foxes

Ayesha McGowan is making waves in the women’s peloton as the first African-American pro female cyclist. In 2014, she discovered the world of bike racing. She won her first state championship in her third race. It didn’t take long for her to notice that she was one of the very few females of African-American descent on the scene. In fact, she discovered that there had not been a single female African-American pro road cyclist, ever. She took it upon herself to become the first one. In her podcast, named after her online persona A Quick Brown Fox, she interviews women throughout the industry. Fans of the podcast agree that she is a breath of fresh air and possesses the ability to make the person that she is interviewing feel comfortable and open while tackling important topics like diversity, representation, tokenism or inclusivity in the sport.

Crosshairs Cyclocross Radio

This podcast covers everything you’ve ever wanted to know about cyclocross, explained and dissected by seasoned sports journalist Bill Schieken. If you’re looking for a pro cycling podcast that takes a deep interest in cyclocross without just producing a couple of episodes for the blank periods in UCI’s road racing calendar, this is your best bet. We also strongly recommend paying a visit to their other cyclocross blog, CXHairs.

Life in the Peloton

This funky and colourful podcast is hosted by Australian pro cyclist Mitch Docker. Life in the Peloton started as a way to share his life, living as a professional bike rider overseas, with his family and friends. It soon became a show for anyone interested in learning about the sport of cycling and how professional athletes live. As a keen conversationalist, Mitch has always been interested in the stories of the guys in the peloton. From how they got into cycling, to how they juggle racing and family life, to what they do on their rest days. On top of that, Mitch sports a semi-mullet, a moustache and a lovable accent – what more can you ask for?

Mitch Docker
Mitch’s podcast is definitely worth a listen. © Profimedia

The Hidden Athlete

It’s no secret that each sport has its shiny celebrity side. But the magnitude and demanding nature of what you’ve achieved doesn’t always translate to an equal level of fame – and some cyclists take it as it is. The Hidden Athlete Podcast delves into the lives of the humble elite endurance athlete who has achieved incredible things with little or no public recognition. As the creator of the podcast swears: “This podcast will always be about the athlete and has not been developed for commercial gain.”

And, if you forgive us a little plug, our #Ride2Unite podcast is worth following as well as new episodes will keep appearing here and there. We hope you enjoyed the list and found something to your liking!