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The #Ride2Unite Podcast with Juliet Elliott: Mansplaining, Tribalism & The Future of Women’s Cycling

Our primary goal and core values still stand: keeping the cycling community active, entertained, and connected throughout the year, this time via YouTube. Meet the first episode of the #Ride2Unite video podcast with a new host, adventurous MTB rider and TV presenter Anna Glowinski, tasked with the pleasant business of giving us a piece of mind of her first guest – the ever-entertaining Juliet Elliott who’s skilled in about every cycling discipline, from fixed gear to gravel.

Juliet’s quick-witted humour and absolute candour have already graced one of our Instagram livestreams but she shared her time on air with two other guests so we’ve decided to give her the full feature this time. As Anna and Juliet come from a similar background interest-wise as they both love cycling and create popular cycling-related content on social media, they had a lot to discuss including the negative side of things they’ve run into during their careers, one of the most notable being mansplaining, cycling elitism and tribalism, unequal visibility for women’s cycling, online trolls and more.

After outlining her career successes, jobs, hobbies, getting sponsorship deals and the overall progress she’s made, Juliet touched on her family life and how delighted and happy she is to have a husband, David, who is also a cycling enthusiast and to be a mother to an adopted little girl. She’s definitely keen on cycling too although Juliet and David have differing views on how she got there. “I always say to Dave, ‘I can’t believe what incredible luck that our daughter loves cycling,’ and he’s like, ‘Come on! That’s because of us, we’ve done that.’ And I’m like, ‘no we haven’t, we didn’t force her to ride, we didn’t force her to do anything,’ but she’s definitely influenced by everything she sees,” admits Juliet Elliott with a laugh, describing a home filled to the brim with love for cycling.

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