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  • treating-common-bike-injuries

    Treating Common Bike Injuries

    If you’re an avid cyclist, the chances are good that you will suffer a cycling injury in your lifetime, most likely from a crash, but not necessarily. According to a recent study, the parts of your body most commonly affected by cycling injuries are, in…

  • back-in-the-saddle-safety-tips

    Back in the Saddle – Safety Tips

    Every time a new cycling season comes, it’s worth doing a refresh sesh on some basic safety principles. It only takes a few minutes and it can be exactly what you need to avoid crashes, dehydration, and sunburn.

  • the-1-5-meter-rule-will-be-put-into-law-in-the-czech-republic

    The 1.5-Meter Rule Will Be Put into Law in the Czech Republic

    Today on April 14, the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Republic voted in favour of bigger protection of cyclists on the roads. 67 out of the 102 present deputies (the number was lowered due to the Covid-19 pandemic) approved the proposal laid before the…

  • annoying-habits-cyclists-should-get-rid-off

    Annoying Habits Cyclists Should Get Rid Off

    Cycling gives us freedom but every activity has boundaries to stick to. Even though we prefer not to lecture or moralise in the articles, we wish to see these activities vanish from the roads – at least for the safety of all of us. If…

  • how-drivers-see-cyclists

    How Drivers See Cyclists

    In a survey called ‘Drivers’ perceptions of a cyclist’, carried out by the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, the scientists conducted research into what motorists dislike in cyclists and what might contribute to the mutual refinement of their relationship on the roads. While some of…

  • this-is-when-most-urban-cycling-accidents-happen

    This Is When Most Urban Cycling Accidents Happen

    Riding a bike in the city is not without its risks. Do you know which days and hours are the most dangerous in terms of getting hit by a car? And do you know where bicycle accidents happen most often? A law firm Rosenthal &…

  • new-research-the-majority-of-injured-cyclists-dont-wear-helmets

    New Research: The Majority of Injured Cyclists Don’t Wear Helmets

    A new study highlights the importance of wearing a helmet by showing what happens when you don’t. Researchers looked at over 70,000 cycling accidents and saw that only 22 % of the injured cyclists were wearing helmets. What impact did the helmet have on injury…