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Annoying Habits Cyclists Should Get Rid Off

By Adam Marsal

Cycling gives us freedom but every activity has boundaries to stick to. Even though we prefer not to lecture or moralise in the articles, we wish to see these activities vanish from the roads – at least for the safety of all of us. If you see a cyclist doing any of those, please tell them to stay away from it.

Behaving superior to other traffic participants

Promoting a 1,5-metre distance for safe passing is one thing, behaviour of the cyclist in traffic another. The old golden rule says we should treat others the same way we’d like to be treated, and the road makes no exemptions. Acting as if the road were someone’s personal racetrack is something we prefer not to see. Moreover, these manners give cyclists a bad name in general. Please, stay away from that kind of demeanour so other drivers and pedestrians respect the rest of us.


Turning an average commute ride into a race

Riding the same road back and forth might be stripped off of the appeal after some weeks yet even boredom should not encourage a cyclist to turn commuting into street racing. Adding a little more of the adrenaline flavour to our daily routines can be both annoying and dangerous to the people around. Cyclists who are speeding only to be a minute faster than yesterday should apply for a regular competition and leave other road participants to do their business.

Disobeying traffic rules

Regardless of how much cyclists feel their actions are being regulated, skipping red lights, mounting on the sidewalk, riding in the wrong direction in one-ways or other delicts make other traffic participants uneasy. Disobeying traffic laws might not only lead to instant accidents but it also raises a wave of public anger that will strike all cyclists, the humblest ones included. The same goes for not wearing helmets or neglecting using lights after dark.

Cycling in the dark
Cycling without any lights is very dangerous. © Profimedia

Checking the phone, riding without holding the bars and other disturbing actions
Being disconnected for a while can psychically hurt those addicted to social media yet crashing into a car that broke down at traffic lights might hurt you fatally. Cyclists should focus on steering under any circumstances. All drivers wish to see your hands on the handlebars when sharing a road full of tram rails, cobblestones and manhole covers. Please, no more selfies while riding.

Relying on someone’s help no matter what happens

Every cyclist is keen to help a fellow rider in need, no matter if they lack tools, tubes, snacks or water yet it should not happen too often. Some people forget about taking their own stuff and rely on others for as long as they lose but the last cycling friend.

Friends Cycling
Don’t always rely on someone else’s help!

Putting on smelly clothing

It takes time before you recognise that instead of that farmyard you passed a few minutes ago, the unpleasant odour originates from the unwashed kit a fellow biker put on for today’s ride. Given the fact there’s no chance to avoid this sensory experience for two more hours, you’d appreciate it if your cycle mate paid a little more attention to his clothing conditions.