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  • should-bike-couriers-be-banned-from-wearing-helmets

    Should Bike Couriers Be Banned from Wearing Helmets?

    Wearing a helmet protects a cyclist against severe head injury in case of a crash. Most cyclists who wear a helmet feel safer doing so. But is it possible that helmets create a false sense of security? Do cyclists engage in risky behaviour as a…

  • dutch-reach-made-into-a-law-in-the-united-kingdom

    Dutch Reach Recommended in the Highway Code in the United Kingdom

    UPDATE: The Editorial team made the mistake of claiming that the Dutch Reach was actually made into a law. We apologise for this mistake. It wasn’t done on purpose and won’t happen again. A new set of Highway Code changes came into effect on January…

  • how-to-keep-your-bike-safe-without-a-lock

    How to Keep Your Bike Safe Without a Lock

    Forgetting to bring the lock with you on the ride happens even to the most organized of cyclists. Or maybe you just didn’t want to take one because you were riding light. Either way, what might happen one day is that you will get so…

  • how-to-get-your-child-excited-to-ride-their-bike-to-school

    How to Get Your Child Excited to Ride Their Bike to School

    Back to school is just around the corner, and after a very strange year, it is safe to say that many kids, and parents alike, are looking forward to getting back into a more predictable routine. After all the chaos and uncertainty caused by the…

  • how-to-pass-horses-on-a-bicycle

    How to Pass Horses on a Bicycle

    Cyclists are definitely amongst the vulnerable road users. However, the general public knows how to share the road with cyclists safely. When in a motorised vehicle, we simply shouldn’t  overtake too rashly and should give at least 1.5 metres of space when passing. When it…

  • the-1-5-meter-rule-will-be-put-into-law-in-the-czech-republic

    The 1.5-Meter Rule Will Be Put into Law in the Czech Republic

    Today on April 14, the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Republic voted in favour of bigger protection of cyclists on the roads. 67 out of the 102 present deputies (the number was lowered due to the Covid-19 pandemic) approved the proposal laid before the…