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The 8 Most Annoying Kinds of Cyclists

By Adam Marsal

All cyclists matter, one would say. Some people on two wheels are more annoying than others, though. Searching our memories, we’ve picked the types of cyclists that we’re not so pleased to meet.

1. Aggressive pro-cyclist-wannabes ploughing their way through peaceful families in pedestrian zones because you know for sure that the public hate will fall on all cyclists.

2. Owners of electric bikes who overtake you despite sitting irrationally too low to be able to pedal correctly.

3. Those types of cyclists determined to come into conflict with any other road user, be it a driver or a pedestrian, since everybody did something to violate their rights somehow.

4. Tourists riding fearlessly on rental bikes in the middle of a cycle path, so everybody must dodge them to prevent collision.

5. Unwanted ride partners who try to get on your rear wheel for a free ride out of the wind, even though they have the faintest willingness to take turns to pull at the front.

Beware of cycling mates. © Profimedia

6. Cycling mates who show up with a flat tyre, having no spare tube or gear.

7. Bikers filming every inch of their bike park adventures with their GoPro cameras despite being as slow as molasses.

8. Any cyclist riding either faster or slower than you.