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  • bmx-is-having-a-moment-how-the-olympics-put-freestyle-on-the-map

    BMX is Having a Moment: How the Olympics Put Freestyle on the Map 

    Until recently, BMX has been considered more of an underground sport—especially compared to other cycling disciplines like road, track, and even mountain biking. Freestyle, in particular, the spectacular style that it is, has cultivated even more of an “outside the lines” reputation. This, of course,…

  • 3-bike-tools-you-cant-live-without-as-a-cyclist

    3 Tools You Can’t Live Without As a Cyclist

    Everyone thinks they know best when it comes to tools, maintenance, and spending time with their bike when they’re not riding it. I’m here to tell you you’re all wrong – and I’m right. Here are the tools you can’t live without.

  • level-up-with-the-bunny-hop

    Level Up with the Bunny Hop

    Depending on the cycling company you keep, bunny hopping is often the first “trick” you learn. I grew up a road cyclist, and I’m not ashamed to say – I never learned to bunny hop. I left it to my friends who never grew out…

  • bicycles-designed-to-look-expensive

    Bicycles Designed to Look Expensive

    Although the BMX bikes were originally made for riding in dirt and mud, they found their way to the recent collections of high-fashion brands. In this article, you will find BMX and some other bikes that were designed with the idea to shock you with…

  • the-nigerian-bmx-craze

    The Nigerian BMX Craze

    BMX Bandits was an Australian movie that showed teenagers tearing about Sydney on their bikes while Nicole Kidman launched her film career. You can see why it made an impression on a young boy. And the idea that you can achieve anything on a BMX…

  • diagnosis-mod-mania

    Diagnosis: Mod Mania

    You’ve got the four bikes of your dreams, and your loved one will divorce you if he/she thinks you’re even considering buying another bike. There’s only one thing you can do – mod what you got.

  • tom-lynchs-bike-ambulance-saving-lives-one-ride-at-a-time

    Tom Lynch’s Bike Ambulance: Saving Lives One Ride at a Time

    Without exaggerating, we could say that Tom Lynch is to the 80’s and 90’s BMX scene what Tony Hawk is to skateboarding. If you google his name, countless racing videos from those two decades will pop up to carry you away on a wave of…

  • why-does-this-bmx-bike-cost-40000-eur

    Why Does This BMX Bike Cost 40,000 EUR?

    For almost 40,000 EUR, you can either have a decent car or a bike. Actually, it’s a BMX one, which means no carbon fibre, no gears, no suspension… Just a frame, a fork, two wheels, a crankset with pedals, a seat, handlebars, and a little…