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  • bike-sharing-makes-more-people-pick-up-cycling-to-work

    Bike Sharing Makes More People Pick Up Cycling to Work

    The way we commute to work in big cities has been shifting in recent years. We use fewer cars, more public transport and more bicycles. How do bike–sharing systems influence this trend? Let’s take a look at what really matters for people who are trying…

  • how-far-are-you-willing-to-walk-for-bike-sharing

    How Far Are You Willing to Walk for Bike-Sharing?

    A new study looked at how far people are willing to walk to use a bike-sharing service. It was discovered that even a relatively short walk to find the nearest bicycle is enough to deter many. Let’s take a look at what the optimal distance…

  • is-bike-sharing-financially-sustainable

    Is Bike Sharing Financially Sustainable?

    In July 2007 the city of Paris launched an ambitious bike-sharing operation that gave Parisians and tourists access to thousands of two-wheelers across the city at a reasonable cost – and for free if you used it for 30 minutes or less.

  • uber-to-launch-electric-bike-sharing-service-in-berlin

    Uber to Launch Electric Bike-Sharing Service in Berlin

    The American company may be popular in the US but in Europe, it’s quite a different story. Uber has been expanding aggressively to the old continent since 2014, often ignoring local laws. That has resulted in a series of lengthy legal battles and even bans.…