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  • how-to-adjust-your-shifters-step-by-step

    How to Adjust Your Shifters Step by Step

    There are two things to do before you start adjusting your shifter. Adjusting it without checking these two important aspects could be a waste of your time. So, what do you do if your bike doesn’t shift properly?

  • bike-maintenance-tutorials-for-beginners

    Top Online Maintenance Tutorials for Beginners

    Whether you found a new steed under the Christmas tree or made a New Year’s resolution to fix up that oldie goldie in the garage, there’s no time like the present to familiarise yourself with the basics of bike maintenance. Cycling is a reasonably accessible…

  • how-to-care-for-your-bike-in-winter

    How to Care for Your Bike in Winter

    Last week, we made a few suggestions for keeping warm and dry if you absolutely need to cycle in winter to keep away the dreaded winter blues. Now, here are some suggestions for protecting your bike.

  • preparing-your-bike-for-spring

    Preparing Your Bike for Spring

    Spring came early this year – probably the only benefit of global warming – and it’s almost warm enough (in Prague, at least) to take your bike for a spin. But before you do, you should make sure that the two-wheeler is as ready for…