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Top Online Maintenance Tutorials for Beginners

By Megan Flottorp

Whether you found a new steed under the Christmas tree or made a New Year’s resolution to fix up that oldie goldie in the garage, there’s no time like the present to familiarise yourself with the basics of bike maintenance. Cycling is a reasonably accessible sport but it is most rewarding when you know how your bike works and how to take care of it. You’ll be safer, feel more confident, and might even be able to share your knowledge with a cycling pal or two down the road. Like we always say: take care of your bike, and it will take care of you!

Keep in mind that if you need a major fix, there’s no replacement for a knowledgeable bike mechanic (they can be an excellent source of learning the basics, too!). At a time when many shops have limited opening hours, though – and you might have some extra time on your hands to master the basics yourself – here are a few videos to help you get better acquainted with your bike.

Tools 101

First things first, you’re not going to get very far in the realm of bike maintenance if you don’t have the right tools to help you get the job done. Check out this introduction video that will cover the basics of all you need to get started.

Explore the wide world of cycling with GCN

As you have noticed if you clicked on the link above, GCN Tech is a wonderful resource for all things bicycle. You can learn to do pretty much anything on this channel. The videos are comprehensive, offer reliable information, and are adapted to different knowledge and ability levels. Especially if you’ve got a particular question that needs answering, you can likely find what you’re looking for by searching their database of videos.

Get your tune-up on at Park Tools

Like GCN, Park Tools offers a wide range of super-useful videos that will give you the knowledge and vocabulary you need to feel at ease maintaining and discussing your bike. The Park Tools team are an approachable bunch on a mission to provide riders of all skill levels with the info they need to get the most out of their bikes. Here you will find comprehensive repair help tutorials for a wide range of components and processes as well as troubleshooting guides, tips and tricks, and product reviews.

Take advantage of one cycling lover’s complete overview of how to service a bicycle

If you’re unsure where to start navigating the vast range of content on GCN and Park Tools, sit down for a few hours (yes, we promised it was complete!) and take in this all-in-one bike maintenance masterclass! An ambitious tutorial project from one devout enthusiast, you’ll be walked through pretty much everything you need to know to take care of your bike. You can later refer back to the video’s description to find segments you want to watch again.


Check out another great selection from a local shop

Art’s Cyclery is based out of San Luis Obispo, California. Despite being committed to their local community when it comes to selling and servicing bikes, they’ve created an excellent repository of bike maintenance videos that are available to anyone with an internet connection. Their library includes an ‘Ask a Mechanic’ series, how-to videos, and detailed product reviews. This crew is passionate about making cycling accessible to everyone, and it shows.


Start your mountain-biking education with a smile

A much-loved representative of the mountain biking community, Seth Alvo has got what you need to hit the trails with style and poise. Serving up serious MTB intel for new and seasoned riders alike, the new home of Seth’s Bike Hacks, Berm Peak, is a one-stop-shop for everything you need to learn the ropes and get stoked about hitting the trails.

Allow the everyman of vintage bikes to guide you

If you’re looking to restore a vintage bike or are working with an older model, RJ The Bike Guy has likely got the answer you’re looking for. Not to mention vintage bikes are beginner-friendly as you can typically find a good range of them at a friendly price. Then you can refer to RJ’s dependable and insightful guides to get your whip into shape. He also has videos about other things that tend to need fixing around the house. What can we say? He’s a helpful guy.

Check out the channels of your local shops and co-ops

These are just a few of our top picks for where you’re sure to find some useful advice but there are plenty of other great cycling videos for beginners! Community cycling groups and co-ops are dedicating increasing resources to building their online presence and content, so there’s a good chance that you could find a wealth of knowledge produced by a bike enthusiast near you! Following the channels of organisations in your area will also help you stay on top of any locally run workshops and events and help you support important local services. Happy cycling!