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The Blind Racing Challenge – Will Two Brave Cyclists Find Their Way Back?

Some cyclists pride themselves on their impeccable sense of direction and not being dependent on GPS or Strava routes. But can two cycling influencers, who love GPS and Strava, Cameron Jeffers and Keira McVitty, find their way back to a starting point after being blindfolded and driven 100 miles (161 kilometres) away from it? Check out our fresh Blind Racing Challenge video and find out!

Keira McVitty is a cycling aficionado who helped us host a series of unique interviews at last year’s Tour de France with titans of the sport of the likes of Andy Schleck. Cameron Jeffers, a cycling influencer and an avid vlogger, is already something of a staple at We Love Cycling, collaborating on multiple projects with us and helping us create amazing content, such as climbing an iconic peak of the Tour and wintertime cycling on Mallorca. Together, they faced a tough challenge – to get on their bikes and find their way back to where the test started, finding themselves at a mystery location quite the few miles away.

One cloudy morning, they met in the quaint Market Square in St. Neots, a small town in the south of England. After getting briefed, Cameron and Keira got in the backseat of the Škoda OCTAVIA where they were promptly blindfolded and driven away within an agreed-upon 100-mile (161 km) radius.

As Keira jokingly remarked to Cameron before getting in the car, she’s probably “the worst at directions of anyone you could possibly have chosen”, so spirits were high but also pretty nervous. As they finally arrived at their mystery drop-off location, the first (and maybe the only) sign of luck on their journey appeared: a notice on an electricity pole disclosing the general location they found themselves at. But will that be enough to get on the right track? To ensure the safety of all participants, the Škoda OCTAVIA followed the two cyclists the whole time as a support, refreshment and assistance vehicle.

All in all, the challenge took over seven hours. So, did they make it or did they have to admit their defeat? Find all the answers in our video!