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Spring Cycling Gift Ideas for International Women’s Day

By Megan Flottorp

Chocolate and flowers are one thing, but we’re willing to bet that a nifty gadget or a piece of cycling gear would be a very welcome kickstart to any woman’s spring cycling routine. Monday, March 8th is International Women’s Day, a global event dedicated to celebrating women’s social, economic, cultural, and political achievements. The day is also an opportunity to make all the women out there feel special and proud of their accomplishments! 

The well-documented relationship between cycling and women’s empowerment provides added incentive to mark IWD by presenting a bike-themed gift to one of the fabulous female cyclists in your life (or by picking up a little something for yourself!). From top-quality kit by women-owned companies to products designed specifically to make a girl feel good on a bike, here are some great gift ideas to share the cycling love while honouring a woman who loves to ride.

VeloVixen Zeetah TriSuit – £160.00

VeloVixen Zeetah TriSuit
© VeloVixen

Know a fierce female triathlete who loves an expressive kit? This brand new VV Zeetah Tri Suit might just be worthy of equipping her through her next triple-header feat. A women-run company, the gals at Velo Vixen have plenty of experience outfitting strong, powerful women who demand high performance from their gear. This meticulously designed kit combines all the technical features needed to get through a triathlon event comfortably, confidently, and without distraction. And if you’re hoping to cheer your lady on, you’ll be able to spot her a mile off in this bright and fun design!

Machines for Freedom Essential Cycling Short – £106.00

Machines for Freedom Essential Cycling Short
© Machines for Freedom

As declared by VeloNews, “Machines For Freedom’s Essential Short dispels the myth that shorts will have you wishing for bibs on your long rides. These stay put.” With a high-rise waistband, flattering cut, seamless leg bands, and just the right amount of compression, these are a must for any woman who prefers cycling shorts to a bib. Machines for Freedom perfected their bib engineering before tackling the notoriously tricky short, so you can trust that these beauties have everything needed to go that extra mile. Our favourite part? You can pee easily!

Her’ Anti-Chafe Chamois Butt’r- £19.99

Her Chamois
© Chamois Butt’r

A good chamois cream is a true friend of any avid cyclist, and you’ll no doubt prove your steadfast devotion to any women by showing her you care about keeping her nether regions comfy in the saddle. This cream is formulated especially for women and contains aloe vera, shea butter and lavender oil. It is just the right blend for women’s more neutral skin pH, developed by a female sports medicine physician in cooperation with professional women cyclists. To top it off, it contains tea tree oil, which has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. It has a light consistency, similar to hand cream, and a light lavender scent—all in all, this stuff makes a thoughtful and useful gift.

LMNH! Podium Pants (Underwear) – £25.00

LMNH! Podium Pants Underwear

If you’re looking to let the woman cyclist in your life know that you’ve got her tush on your mind, why not make her laugh with some aspirational skivvies? Whether she’s a Queen of the Mountains or a Sprinter extraordinaire, this playful Tour de France-inspired triple-pack of underwear will have her dreaming big every time she slips them on. Made from cotton and spandex, they’ve also got all the comfort you’d expect from a great pair of underwear.

Muc-Off Ultimate Bicycle Kit – £59.99

Muc-Off Ultimate Bicycle Kit
© Muc-Off

Spring riding is glorious, liberating, and tends to get pretty messy. Help the woman in your life give her bike the love it deserves with this smart and practical bike-cleaning kit. Biodegradable and free of harmful substances, it has everything she needs to give her noble steed a deep clean after those adventurous and sloshy start-of-season outings. The kit comes complete with biodegradable bike cleaner, finishing spray, wet lube, chain cleaner, a microfibre cloth, four brushes, a microcell sponge and finally, a heavy-duty storage box to keep it all in.

Donate in her name to support women’s cycling

Another excellent option for celebrating IWDs is to donate to a women-focused bike charity. Check out women’s cycling initiatives in your local area or support one of our favourite organisations that help women in cycling. It’s a great way to spread the love of the sport and ensure that we’ll be seeing more and more women discover the joy of two wheels in the years to come!