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Deceuninck – Quick-Step to Go Carbon-Neutral and Other Cool News from the World of Cycling

By Monica Buck

Another Monday is here and our news from the world of cycling with it! So, what did you miss?

What does it mean for a WorldTour Team to go carbon-neutral?

1,288 tonnes of CO2, equating to 539 return flights from Brussels to New York. That is the cost for racing in 20 countries over 272 days. Riding 325,000 kilometres in 79 races was an increase from the previous year and required a lot of flights, support cars and equipment. Deceuninck – Quick-Step used 280 bikes, 600 chains, 300 groupsets and 400 wheels. 27,000 bottles, 750 jerseys, 2,500 caps, 180 helmets and 12,500 gels.

“Not easy to start projects like this without acknowledging the difficulties and somewhat inevitable hypocrisy of what comes with being an international team in our sport,” British rider James Knox told Cycling Weekly. “But great to see the team and the sponsors help make a positive change, albeit small, for the environment.”

The team promised to offset CO2 emissions by supporting certified climate projects. The first one is providing a safe water supply to an area in Uganda. It should help combat deforestation as well as significantly improve the quality of life of the people who live there. The second one will focus on conservation and reforestation in the region around the iconic Mount Ventoux. The area is known to be a habitat for wolves, and the animals should benefit from the project.

What do you think about the wolfpack’s effort? Is it worth your praise?

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