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Launching the Škoda Winter Challenge with ROUVY: All 4 Routes Revealed!

By Frantiska Blazkova

As we’ve already mentioned in December 2019, we wanted to get you all set up and motivated for a fresh 2020 cycling start. That’s why we’ve joined forces with ROUVY, a state-of-the-art interactive virtual cycling platform, and we’re bringing you the chance to step up the winner’s podium from the comfort of your home. We start now!

Here’s a little recap. You’ll be racing on virtual courses, which feature real locations and their characteristics, including turns, inclines, descents and such. The four routes were carefully selected to put your performance to a test and to also delight you with their scenic and lush surroundings.

The first route goes from Nice to Col de la Colmiane, finishes in about 2,4 km of elevation and is also partially featured in this year’s L’Étape, the second starts in Villes-sur-Auzon and stops in Monieux, with a gradual climb for the most part and a rewarding descent before the finish. The third, shorter one goes from Nice to Col s’Èze with a lot of turns and a slight upward incline, and the fourth route takes off from Bedoin and continues to Mt. Ventoux, one of the most sought-after climbs in road cycling.

Let’s go over the rules: you need to download the ROUVY app, join the challenge here, and finish all preselected routes in the race mode. That’s it! By completing all four routes before February 16, you’ll automatically enter the We Love Cycling draw for four amazing prize packages, which feature:

    • 1 random draw for a green jersey signed by Peter Sagan
    • 1 random draw for a cycling helmet
    • 1 random draw for WLC package (jersey + bibs + socks) 
    • 1 random draw for WLC package (T-shirt + bidon)

For interacting with the virtual world, uploading your performance, and experiencing the “road” conditions, you have to get your hands on an indoor bike trainer that attaches to your bicycle. If you’re at loss with choosing the right model for you, head over to the ROUVY website for advice or just click the link to any of the four routes. It will reveal the up-to-date rider record chart for each route that also features the type of trainer the best ones use, alongside nicknames, times or nationality, so there’s plenty of inspiration. One of the greatest parts is that, in the race mode, you’ll be able to see anyone currently racing the same route as you in real time, which might just up your competitive appetite. For watching your digital environment, you can use a screen of your choice, be it a smartphone, a notebook or a monitor hooked to it.

Also, one of the best parts is that with ROUVY, you automatically get a 14-day free trial when you sign up for the app but if you become a subscriber to the We Love Cycling newsletter (you can subscribe on this page) before Friday we’ll send you a code for additional 30 free days! This offer is valid for both new and existing subscribers.

So, what do you say, are you up for the ROUVY Challenge?