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How to Create a Cycling Blog That Matters

By Adam Marsal

The first thing is the topic. Is there something new the world should be aware of? While searching the internet, you almost certainly found out that there’s a blog about everything. Writing a blog is similar to music composing. The whole list of all possible tones has been played a million times but once you play the right combination in the right sequence, a wonderful hit might commence.

So, don’t give up and spread the news if you have something to say. Staying focused on a specific topic is the key to distinguishing yourself from the rest. As there are many huge general cycling sites too complex to beat down – including the We Love Cycling magazine that collaborates with a big number of contributors – you still might outperform them by being yourself, dedicated and original. Is there something left for passionate rider willing to start a new cycling blog?

The entire planet has been cycled back and forth by countless adventurers including handicapped riders using their hand bikes. Hundreds of riders took challenges to prepare themselves for glorious races. We know how to meet a gay mate to ride the bike on account of plenty of rainbow-coloured blogs. You can teach your kid to get on the bike step by step by following a blog for cycling parents as well as starve to death by keeping a ground-breaking diet invented by a self-proclaimed influencer.

The internet is full of blogs for cycling parents. © Profimedia

So, what’s next? We randomly picked some suggestions for you but, please, don’t bite our heads off if such blogs are already running – we were too lazy to check out. How about testing specific roads in your forever-jammed city by bike and counting how much time could you save if you cycled instead of driving or taking an Uber? How popular would be a blog showing a new daily gorgeous portrait photo depicting a real commuter – we mean a picture made with all these lights, reflector discs and stuff. Would you read a blog based on interviews with cyclists over 60?

You can even teach others to make better cycling photos and shoot better videos or present them with paintings inspired by your own cycling experiences. Likewise, you can write a diary of a barista selling delicious coffee from their cargo bike, the chronicles of a cycle lane network developer or the journal of a trained Kodiak bear cycling round the clock in a circus tent. No matter what subject you want to write about, being original, authentic and entertaining might help you to gain an audience.

The same approach applies to the decision of creating photos illustrating your written content. If you’re not a professional, you will only barely get close to those great magazine cover shots. The guys you’re seeing with heavy cameras and lengthy lenses have been doing their job day by day for ages so it will take you years to achieve similar results. But even with a smartphone, you can make a great collection of vintage bicycles locked and forgotten in the streets of your city. Keep on doing this for a year and then show it to the world. Maybe your creativity will be praised by thousands of visitors at Bored Panda.

Create a collection of vintage bicycles forgotten in the streets of your city. © Profimedia

By this point, we’re getting to another equally crucial ingredient. The way to gain attention is to be relentless and unceasing. People love watching series, regardless of how attractive the story has been. Without that, the Baywatch could have never made it on your TV screen. Keep on going for a certain time and people will get used to coming back to see what’s new about you. It took AC/DC forty years to score in the Top 10 chart and so might your blog.

Regarding the technical issues, there are tons of online tools that will provide you with everything needed for a bargain or even for free. Try to explore themes and parameters that would match your taste. Once you decide to start, this won’t be a difficulty. The most important is the idea and persistence. Should you have something to write, do it now. Because nothing else matters.