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Stress Management – 4 Tactics to Limit Stress

By Jiri Kaloc

If you don’t actively try to limit stress in your life, it will overwhelm you and become chronic. Chronic stress contributes to modern diseases and reduces the quality of life. Let’s take a look at four useful tactics that will allow you to remove a lot of stress from your life and perhaps even allow you to find some extra free time!

Say “no”

When you start getting close to your limit you need to be good at saying ‘no’ to things to protect your sanity. This applies to new projects, meeting with people, and even hobbies. At a certain point, any of these things can become a source of stress. Practice on small, unimportant stuff like declining a coffee with a friend over text. Build up your confidence and comfort with saying ‘no’ and next time when it’s your boss asking you do more work you will handle much better too.

Start saying NO. Even to your boss.

Avoid arguments, especially on the internet

We all know how hard it is to argue with our loved ones in a way that’s helpful and actually getting us closer to a solution. Now, think of all the arguments you have with people not interested in change or your opinion. Yeah, that’s pretty much everyone in the comment sections and forums online. Debating them most often just causes them to become more defended and entrenched in their positions. So, spend your time and energy on the truly important arguments and leave the rest be. It will do wonders for your stress management.

Don’t watch the news

The news is getting better and better at being shocking, dramatic, and infuriating because that’s what grabs attention and creates an emotional response. Unfortunately, it’s often a cause of unnecessary stress. If you’re truly interested in a topic, read specifically about it and follow experts in that field to get your news. Be selective. The general news will always find their way to you somehow even if you make an active effort to avoid them.

Never plan out more than 80% of your time.

Manage your calendar

Your calendar doesn’t always have your best interest at heart. Your priorities and circumstances change and that should be reflected in your calendar too. It’s essential to go through your to-do list at the start of each day or at least each week and clean it out. Select only 1-2 things that really need to be accomplished each day and move or delete the rest. Also never plan out more than 80% of your time, life doesn’t go according to plan and if you have no buffer for emergencies you will be constantly stressed.

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