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With the intention to promote MTB in Balkan countries and to attract more riders to visit different races and give them more opportunities, Savages Crew of Sarajevo has been organising the TrebaDH race since 2015.

TrebaDH race is a cherished baby of the Savages Crew that works hard on both the improvements of the track and spreading the word of mouth about the competition. Every year, the race has been growing bigger and better. Situated on the Mount Trebević, from where an artillery terrorised citizens of the city back in the day, the race trail starts close to the Olympic Bobsleigh and Luge Track built for the 1984 Winter Olympics.

You can find a wooden starting ramp in the shade of a TV antenna, creating a landmark of the mountain range. The race track itself is mostly steep and difficult with a number of slippery roots and stones. The ultimate rain usually preceding the race days makes the course extremely hard and demanding.

The first weekend of July 2018, TrebaDH was organised for the fourth time as a UCI DHI race in Class 2. Apart from that, the race was also announced as a part of the Bosnia and Herzegovina National Race and of the Croatian Downhill Cup. Introduced for the first time ever has been the project of Balkan Downhill Cup prepared in cooperation with guys from Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Greece, and Cyprus. According to Muamer Čorambegić from the Savages Crew, there were 50 riders from eight countries competing in five categories.

Photo: Jadran Čilić

“We are grateful that the guys from ŠKODA AUTO have recognised our passion and enthusiasm. This way I’d like to thank all sponsors and friends of the Savages Crew trough the last 4 years who were helpful in supporting the mountain biking scene in Sarajevo,” says Muamer. Watch the video to see more of the race!

The results

Men elite: 1.Stivian Gatev (Bulgaria)
2. Noa Radolovic (Croatia)
3.Thomas Guibal (France)

Bosnian and Herzegovinian 2018 national championship ranking

1.Tarik Hadzic (Savages Crew),
2. Amar Brdarevic (Savages Crew)
3. Ajhan Hebibovic (Savages Crew)