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Cyclist Finds Wife’s Stolen Car in Traffic and Karma Hits the Driver Instantly

By Monica Buck

While the rider who found the car of his beloved in the morning rush hour must have been pretty surprised, it was nothing compared to the surprise of the culprit who was driving it. The woman in question tried to drive away, but for once the LA traffic jam was good for something. In the end, 39-year-old Erica Puig simply bolted. However, several witnesses chased the woman down the street and held her until the police arrived.


The whole thing was caught on video by Matthew Santoro. The 32-year-old YouTuber, with over 6 million subscribers, is always ready to roll. “We captured it and the LAPD retweeted it, and they DM’d me and said thank you for basically capturing somebody,” Santoro wrote on Facebook.

Police later confirmed that the SUV was indeed stolen in Santa Monica and that Erica Puig is now facing charges for grand theft auto.