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  • bike-theft-anxiety-and-what-to-do-about-it

    Bike-Theft Anxiety (And What to Do About It)

    Over the past six months, more and more people have been turning to their two-wheeled companion for transportation, leisure, and relief. This means that bikes have been selling at an unprecedented rate. Although we’re generally thrilled to see more people taking up the sport, the…

  • bike-theft-crisis-in-the-uk-police-focus-on-violent-crimes

    Bike Theft Crisis in the UK: Police Focus on Violent Crimes

    The stealing of bicycles is on the rise according to a report on Telegraph.co.uk. Only 1 in 50 cases are being solved, as the data of UK’s government agency Home Office shows. The newspaper claims that even seemingly easy cases do not get solved. Even…

  • 3-ways-to-usefully-store-your-bike

    3 Ways to Usefully Store Your Bike

    I’ve just moved to a new neighbourhood and I’ve learned a thing or two about how to store bikes – and what you do with your bikes when you’re not riding them can be very important.

  • finally-a-fair-bike-market-has-arisen

    Finally A Fair Bike Market Has Arisen

    Six million bicycles are stolen in Europe every year, and that is just the number of the thefts that get reported. The story of BikeFair began with one of them, a shady bike purchase, and a young graduate looking for new business opportunities in Rotterdam.

  • evolving-bicycle-thieves-always-one-step-ahead

    Evolving Bicycle Thieves: Always One Step Ahead?

    The war between bicycle owners and their implacable predators, bicycle thieves, is an ongoing battle of wits. Every new protective measure taken by the owners inspires new techniques and strategies by thieves who have always regarded bikes as easy pickings because of their value, law…

  • this-olympic-hopeful-used-his-bike-to-rob-26-banks

    This Olympic Hopeful Used his Bike to Rob 26 Banks

    Tom Justice may well have been the most successful bank robber ever to use a bicycle as his getaway vehicle. According to a story in Chicago magazine, between 1998 and 2002 the native of Libertyville, Illinois, knocked off 26 banks in California, Illinois, and Wisconsin…