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Why Does This BMX Bike Cost 40,000 EUR?

By Adam Marsal

For almost 40,000 EUR, you can either have a decent car or a bike. Actually, it’s a BMX one, which means no carbon fibre, no gears, no suspension… Just a frame, a fork, two wheels, a crankset with pedals, a seat, handlebars, and a little label making this piece of steel so unique: Supreme.

Founded by the US entrepreneur James Jebbia in 1994, the brand has enchanted skateboarders, musicians, and street artists around the world. The first shop was designed in a way skateboarders could enter it without even dismounting their rides, which made them feel right at home. After the brand met with great success, the second store opening followed in Los Angeles, this time offering an indoor skateboarding bowl for the customers.

Since then, the brand has attracted many celebrities including Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson, Lou Reed, Public Enemy, David Lynch, Mike Tyson or the skateboarding legend Marc Gonzales. Even though numerous products were and still are sold under this label, the bikes were extremely rare, making them incredibly sought-after among collectors.

Valuable pieces like this one occasionally show up on the official online store called StrictlyPreme. Despite being over 20 years old, the bike is said to be in a mint condition, bearing just couple of hardly visible scratches, legible graphics, and factory fresh rubbers. The Hiroshima-based seller offers this bike for ¥5,000,000 JPY, or approximately $47,700 USD, making it almost forty thousand euros. Now, it’s a hard decision if you will either prevent a couple of villages in Africa from extinction caused by famine or you will prefer to have a bike decorated with a seller’s note reading “there are few objects in the most beautiful state around the world”.