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13 Things Non-Cyclists Would Hardly Get

By Adam Marsal

There are plenty misunderstandings between people who cycle and those who don’t. These are the things we hear the most.

What drives us to do it every day and makes us unhappy when we have to skip the ride?

Why do we (mostly) greet each other on the road even though we’ve just meet for the first time and for a split second?

What will be the third bike we’ve just acquired good for?

Where did we get the knowledge about all this weird technical stuff even without studying mechanical engineering at a university and how can we spend the whole evening talking about it?

How only we can have fun in a bike park in the rain even though we look like if we had been mud wrestling all day long afterwards?

Where do cyclists get the energy to party after a whole day of riding when I feel actually more tired than them, doing nothing?

Why do cyclists say that Italian shifting differs from the Japanese one when both look pretty much the same?

How can we run up to the 11th floor without getting out of breath?

How even on an e-bike, you sweat whether you want to go fast or far.

Despite all reasons why e-bikes are considered cool, in the end, they actually suck.

How can we manage to cycle 120 km even before Sunday’s lunch?

What the hell makes our bikes more expensive than a new motorcycle?