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Why Burgers Are Better Than Salads

By Jiri Kaloc

Do you think that ordering a salad means making a healthy choice? It certainly has to be better than a hamburger, right? The answer may not be as straightforward as you think. There are plenty of reasons to consider a hamburger superior to the usual salad. Let’s look at some reasons to choose the tastier option.

They are tastier

Taste is important. Even if you force yourself to eat a salad that tastes like dirt, you are just teaching your head to dislike salads. Anything you eat has to be tasty and you need to look forward to eating the food again. A burger will do that, a salad most often won’t.

They don’t need unhealthy toppings

A good burger tastes great as it is. Salads, especially those fast-food ones, need dressings and toppings to be acceptable. Dressings are very often pre-made and full of sugar, refined oils, and chemicals. Also, popular toppings don’t sound too healthy – oil soaked bread crumbs, tortilla chips, bacon, fried onions, and candied fruits.

They are filling

A good burger gives you plenty of energy, protein and a lot of fibre; all of these help you feel satiated. Salads do contain a lot of vegetables that carry vitamins, minerals, and fibre. But the problem is they often lack overall energy and protein. There’s no point eating a healthy salad if it leaves you hungry and looking for candy to fill up.

They are just names

A burger made with grass-fed organic beef, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, and a Portobello mushroom instead of a bun is a nutritious and healthy food. Similarly, a salad with plenty of veggies, pieces of fish, avocado, nuts, and olive oil is very filling, tasty, and nutritious too.

The point of this article is not to discourage you from eating salads, not at all. Salads are great! Just remember that both burgers and salads can be made in an unhealthy way. It all depends on what ingredients are put in rather than on the name the meal. Avoid those unhealthy dressings and toppings with salads, and soda and French fries with hamburgers and you will do just fine.